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Stamp: I support underrated music! by Username-91
Anti Imma-the-deer by Spoon-Moon
Stamp: You're bullying me! by Username-91
Stamp: This getting ridicioulus by Username-91
Religious stupidity in a nutshell. by JPLover764
uM- by SilverChrome7777
What a pussy by 123therealluigi

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Why Is This Allowed On Youtube? by ms-paint-101
Leftist jokes by 123therealluigi
Here's your trash... by Gur209
After Eden Honest Trailer by kyrtuck

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An all around anti-everything group, we see technology and society as a flaw, misleading the human race to believing in things like children's cartoons and anime shipping couples. We hate everybody and everything equally. Come, let us share our opinions!

However, remember, our opinions are LOUD.

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May 12, 2012


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More unwanted dA updates

Sun Sep 25, 2016, 2:21 PM

This is a blog for DevNews ~ These other Groups will, also, feature the blog: ohioDeviants Group-Eaze disney-parkhoppers DisneyDreamers All-Art-Forever dA-Is-Not-Porn etc.  The latest update that deviantART did was limiting the number of members who want to join our groups. The maximum is 10 deviants per day. The capability of receiving an unlimited number of deviants at any time day and night have become a history.

Groups Feature2 by CIChantea Well, I guess that explains everything, I was completely unaware that unlimited deviation submission was against deviantART policy. Does anyone care to explain, why or how, specifically? You really need to start listening to your valued members who actually pay for this site. They are not just a bunch of idiots who are out to cause trouble, leave crude, insulting messages or bully people. They are people who have been involved here for many years and love - or loved - this place and your behavior is only making things worse. ALL groups now have a ten submission-per-day limit for galleries AND Favorites for Founders, Administrators, and Members. Not per folder, per DAY; a 24-hour period from the second a Deviation is submitted, and not a DA "day" that starts and ends at midnight PST or PDT, so no thinking ten items can be submitted at 11:30 PM PST then again at 12:01 AM PST! DeviantART punched a deviation submission restriction for the groups and Add media library. You cannot submit or adjust the settings to make a group unlimited even after toggling to go up to 1000 deviations per day. I am nauseous the corrupted staff members. I will be searching for a new art website because this is seriously getting out of control. With this, deviantART is officially DEAD! I am not recommending you to do a boycott, but that would not hurt doing it. Now I do not know is this a joke or not. However, after seeing an article written by a senior member WDWParksGal about this, I do not know what I should trust! Okay, so the latest unwanted DeviantArt update is "maximum deviation submission limit for the organization is 10 deviations per day, because according to staff members’ logic, it's considered spam and an abuse of exploit system."

If you have now decided to do this retarded restriction, you seriously need to update this. Moreover, send an official statement to the community, because this is clearly a new thing. There were been huge organizations where you were able to submit tons of deviations with no restriction until you do not hit the folder limit! There is no way the staff could not notice this, why 10, why not 50 deviations per day? When we reported multiple accounts that mission was to increase a fake number of favorites, visitors and number of badges, all that you could say was; there is nothing we can do about it. Where is an update of this, where is a blog portal done by the team of this site? We did not get any pieces of information related to this matter, this case is similar to the CORE and increasing the prices of it, including shutting down the ability to report an art robbery by using third party infringement reporting system. [We still do not have any information of why they choose to give us an article, which is full of holes, lies, and incorrect facts when it comes to copyright. Not to mention how a protect art team is hideously childish and rude.] We want an explanation about this and not recycled answers that you have given to others. We are not in the mood to read it.

This is not exactly about protecting the community or anything either (i.e. referring to the part where they say, “It is against the dA policy and etiquette service.” When choosing the "Add Media" option, the most choices that will be available is 32. This includes Core Members when choosing a Favorite Folder in order to choose dividers, graphics, text graphics or other items to add to a comment or journal. Whoever is paying these people to feed us such hastily made bullshit needs to step up their game, because they are not even trying to excuse their stupid rules anymore.

I mean, if they are so concerned about the legal bullshit, why they did not enforce this earlier. Who suggested this idea anyway? Not to mention that there is a folder limit of 120, including subfolders (for Core Member galleries), so bear that in mind when creating new folders in order to organize Deviations to use in order to keep each folder at 32 deviations. This means that many more folders will surface when choosing where to put a new favorite. What a load of bullshit.
It is more important than ever for members to keep their eyes open for articles of interest to the community to submit to the group. Members can submit ANY articles found from around DeviantART, so if you see an article you think will be of interest to the communities please submit it.
Other news to read:
New Gallery Submission Limit (update)
I'm going to assume you've read that journal, so if you haven't, please do.
Thank you.
As you may or may not know, Bobo-Kitty, Caffinated-Pinecone, and I (the admins) have discussed changing the organization of the group gallery, which would necessitate upgrading to super. At the time, we asked for donations if possible and advertisement at least, if not. We only had one person donate, but they gave us 1 000 points! Which was really awesome! I couldn't believe someone was so nice as to donate a little more than 1/5 of what we needed!
However, now that gallery submissions are severely limited, and being a super group doesn't affect that, I'm thinking that upgrading to super might not be worth it, even if it will allow better organization. (We could do something similar to our plan anyway, but it would not be nearly as great.)
If dA doesn't change this feature, and the other admins and I decide
You thought we wouldn't notice?!So, DeviantArt has made a little change to the system, but the average member has probably not noticed it yet. This is because it only affects those who manage groups, and group members which has been allowed to submit in bulk. That's right, now nobody can submit more than max 10 images per day, no matter what rank they have in a group, there's no 100, 1000, or unlimited anymore, and they removed "per year" from the list as well. They've also somehow managed to mess up existing group permissions, I noticed that some of the folders which were set off limit to regular members were free to submit to, and I know it was off limit a couple of weeks ago, before my vacation. So, if you're founder, or in charge of group permissions, be sure to check the member settings as soon as possible, not only the number of images permitted, but all other settings as well, just in case. Please share this journal with others, add it to your groups, make your own journal with your own thoughts, do something, DA, you're drunk, go home!Seriously, why the restrictions on group submissions?  
Do you realize how much money some of us pour into these groups?  These communities?  And you just up and limit us with no official word?  Come on.. 
Let's Talk About... The New Group Artwork LimitSo recently, the DA Staff changed something about groups.
They made groups have a 10 artwork limit each day.
I do not feel like that is right. Some people's lives depend on getting advertised in groups.
In sent in a ticket, and here is what I said:
'Dear DA staff,
Please consider changing the amount of allowed works for groups.
Your recent change of the max 10 a day is not enough. You have said you changed this to try and stop spam but I find that reason not good enough; people rely on groups to get commissions and make an income.
When people do not see their work they lose business.
You are hurting the community as a whole by having this limit, and I don't think it's right.
What if their only source of income comes from getting commissions, and they end up not having enough art displayed, and get none. What if they were going to lose their house or they needed money for food, but they couldn't get enough advertisement because there wasn't a good enough limit in the groups?
Some people
Group Submission Limits and Issues with dAAll right. I'm going to be adding links to other journals on this issue as I find them in addition to sharing my experience and why I don't like the new feature concerning group submission limits. Please don't ignore this journal, this is important for all of us users. Thanks in advance to everyone who reads the whole journal.
By now you probably know that groups have a maximum submission limit of 10 deviations per day per folder. This isn't really news anymore.
I am an admin of 8 groups, in 7 of those, I'm the founder. I submit anything to my groups that fits their purpose, mostly only for the seven I created, as the other is quite large and have more active members. I have experienced problems adding deviations to my group gallery, primarily for OriginalComicsGalore. I should be able to add 10 deviations to each folder per day, as you can see here: I have double checked the setting for my group. It doesn't help or change anything. I c
Has dA lost its prime?Assalamo alaykum and hello all my friends. I hope you are all doing great. Enjoying awesome health and weather. And I am sorry for being so inactive, life is too busy these days.
I saw many friends talking about dA on recent 'incident' and I saw many people closing their groups or even thinking of getting rid of dA all together. So I thought may be I should also add my two cents in case someone would be interested in it.
Being a software engineer what I have come to conclude is that dA owners are having severe problems in running this site. We are seeing more and more server related issues this year and they are only getting worse. They had to decrease the number of requests (http post/get...) per day to keep in their server budget and do whatever it takes to get more money so they can keep running this site.
Core was what they first thought might help them in buying more resources in AWS ('Amazon web services' which provides the server, storage, cloud and all other online stuff) but t
:iconfantasy-stock-group: :iconwingit-stock: :iconstock-for-premades: :iconmindspan:
I was requesting stocks into Fantasy-Stock-Group and when I hit the 11th one, I was "told" that I would exceed the 10 limit per day for the group. I just paused and stared at the screen for a moment. Then I thought, "What the hell???" There AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ANY LIMITS on submissions per day.
So, I trotted off to Manage Members when I saw this:

And I thought, oh, okay, the Permissions in Manage Members reset themselves, which they do sometimes, so I went to change the 10 Per Day Global Limit EVEN FOR THE FRICKIN' FOUNDER, back to the 1000 per day the global limit used to have. Sooooooooooooooo, I click on the box and when the dropdown menu popped up I went to scroll past the TEN Submission Limit only to behold this:

Limit TEN. Period! Even for the Founder!!! WTF???????

More Journal Entries


:bulletred: Swear as much as you like! You can submit any deviation you want, as long as it is a loud opinion.
:bulletred: No extreme hating. This means wishing death on people, bashing a certain deviant, stereotyping and bashing others opinions unsophisticatedly. Not accepting other opinions is prohibited too.
:bulletred: The only time you may show a deviants name/shame them is when you have a screenshot of something they have said.
:bulletred: There does not have to be swearing in it, as long as it is a loud opinion.
:bulletred: No stealing. If someone here is stealing work, please let us know.
:bulletred: If you have anti pictures of something, we only accept ONE. We are not going to accept your daily anti-Jonny Test or whatever pictures, ONLY ONE.
:bulletred: Please, accept others opinions in this group.
:bulletred: Anything that breaks the deviantART rules will be removed.
:bulletred: Any extreme hate towards race, gender, nationality or religion will not be accepted. FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?
is "clearly racist or bigoted and often promotes genocide, or the killing or destruction of an identifiable individual, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or another specific group."
:bulletred: No harassing the group or other members. Trolling is not allowed either.
:bulletred: Posting stuff which creates more drama than use will not be tolerated.
:bulletred: Any stamp or opinion which you find offensive is not our problem unless it breaks these rules or the DA rules.
:bulletred: We accept both sides, so, for example, anti-religion art and anti-atheist art is allowed here.
:bulletred: This is a place of opinions. If you can't handle that, then it probably just the best that you steer clear of us or just stay off the internet.
:bulletred: If you feel that there is a need for another folder in the gallery, please note the group and we will be happy to add it.

:bulletred: Last, but not least,

FAQ #303: I'm offended by something I saw on the website!

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This isn't the only hateful group out there.


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